Single Ply Roofing Advantages

Single ply roofing offers a number of benefits over traditional BUR (built up roofs). It is has a long life span (up to 40 year life expectancy), provides strength, durability, is Eco-friendly, and is available in a variety of materials and colors. Single ply roofing systems offer the advantages of rapid installation and lightweight construction. These systems provide high puncture and tear resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and high tensile strength. They offer superb resistance to ozone and UV exposure, extreme weather conditions, chemicals, and fire. During installation, no heavy equipment is required and the membrane can be applied during inclement weather. Kindly visit Single Ply Roofing to find more information.

Single Ply roofing is a flexible or semi-flexible pre-manufactured membrane typically made of rubber or plastic materials. There are three major categories of membranes used in typical Single Ply Roofing applications. These are: Thermosets, Thermoplastics, and Modified Bitumens. Thermoset membranes are compounded from rubber polymers, the most common of which is EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer). Thermoset membranes have found widespread success as roofing materials because of their and excellent resistance to ultraviolet light (UV), ozone, and most common chemicals generally found on roofs.

Thermoplastic membranes are based on plastic polymers. Most thermoplastic membranes are manufactured to include a reinforcement layer, usually polyester or fiberglass, which provides increased strength and dimensional stability. The most common thermoplastic membrane is PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride) which combines excellent weathering characteristics, high tensile strength, and long-term flexibility. It also exhibits superb resistance to harsh chemicals and industrial pollutants. PVC roofing systems are able to withstand heat, wind, rain, extreme temperature fluctuations and many contaminants. The heat-weldable seams provide a strong, watertight seal and result in a clean, fast, and economical installation.