Outdoor kitchen orlando – Essentials

Depending upon the market to be serviced, the commercial kitchen can be a relatively compact unit. A small gastro pub serving 20 to 30 customers a day, requires just a few feet of work surface, a cooker, deep fat fryers, the ubiquitous micro-wave, and obviously, sinks with hot and cold water. The school canteen, the sole purpose of which is to feed hundreds of ravenous kids within the shortest time possible, has the same basic requirements as the Gastro Pub. More of them, obviously, but the fundamentals remain the same. Have a look at outdoor kitchen orlando for more info on this.

Yet how does one plan a kitchen? Small, large, or intermediate, there must be a design. The equipment requirements, the positioning of the units within the kitchen area, ease of use, power source, and more! These questions are fundamental in kitchen design. So, what are the top 3 factors to consider when buying commercial kitchen equipment?

Budget – There must be a financial plan! Even if it’s some “off the wall” figure plucked out of ether, after being seduced by television adverts, or glossy brochures, an idea of what one is prepared to spend must be the first criteria.

Functionality – What type of food is to be cooked in the kitchen? All fresh? Some bought in pre prepared? All pre-packed and ‘nuked’ in the microwave, or a mixture of all three? That decision will impact upon the choice of equipment required.

Materials – Universally, stainless steel is regarded as the best surface for commercial kitchens. Individual units, benches, work surfaces, cupboards can be built or adapted for any size or style of kitchen. Stainless steel is easy to clean, and maintain the strict hygiene requirements of the Food Standards Agency. Once the units are installed and fitted, if the stainless steel is of good quality, they will give years of service. Sometimes, the cheapest price doesn’t always mean the best value.Most commercial kitchen equipment manufactures now produce equipment, from cookers to microwaves, in stainless steel, thus allowing a fusion between standard and bespoke units.